Thursday, March 31, 2011


When is comes to applying make up everyone wants to achieve a flawless look.  Everywhere that you look everyone has an opinion of how you can create it for yourself.  I have been playing with make up since I was 15, so I have heard and tried so many things and I am sure there is so much more out there.  I decided that I am going to add to this pile of knowledge and reveal facial expressions or movements that can help obtaining that photo ready look.

Copy and Paste the link below to an article that was in the March 2011 copy of Real Simple.  I really enjoyed this information and I thought I could spreed the word.  I personally use most of these tricks and they work for me.  I hope that you find something that works for you.

I would love to hear if anyone has any more tips of how to use a facial expression that will help applying make up.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I must admit that I have many obsessions, but one of my top 3 (for now) would have to be nail polishes.  I do have a drawer full of different color and varies brands, but I was very excited when I heard about the the China Glaze Crackle Glaze.  After using O.P.I’s shatter and really liked the splinter effect and liked that China glaze offered different colors.  

From this collection I purchased LIGHTNING BOLT (white), CRUSHED CANDY (teal), and BROKEN HEARTED (pink).  All of the colors dry to a matte finish, so if you want more of a gloss make sure to use a top coat.  In the photos below I did not use a top coat but I normally would because I prefer a gloss finish.  I found that if you did a thick coat that polish that it would not crack as much.  I had this experience with all these of these colors.  The trick is to make sure you do not use too much or too little. Also, do not overlap each stoke of polish because the area that mostly likely not crack.   Also make sure to use a bold color under these polishes because it will allow you to see the effect much more. 

Overall, I like the crackle glaze.  You can always change the base color to change the look and you will always get a look that is unique.  Plus, it dries really fast, if you want the matte finish you will be ready to go and for a gloss finish you will only have to wait a few minutes.  

Please let me know your experience with this item

LIGHTNING BOLT : This was the first time that I tried this color and as you can see that on some nails I applied too much and there is not too much cracking.


BROKEN HEARTED : Please forgive me because I should have take more time with the next two, but I wanted to just show you how these polishes looked.  I used a coal color as a base color.  I will say that this polish was a bit thicker so you have to make sure to put a thin layer.


CRUSHED CANDY:  Out of the whole collection this was the color that I was most looking forward to.  I do really like it but another base color would have done it more justice.  Once again this polish is a bit thicker, but when I tried it again I was able to get a better result.  I think black or white would look really good with this color.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hard Candy Cosmetics is make up brand that is sold exclusively at Walmart.  I do not know the exact history of this brand, but I have heard that this brand use to be sold at sephora, went bankrupt and now is at walmart.

After viewing a review on the Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer, I thought why not give it a try.  I have hyperpigmentation on my face, so I am always looking for something to even out my skin tone.  

The product description is the following:
A heavy duty, highly pigmented, multi-use concealer that delivers ultimate coverage. The formula blends seamlessly into skin with plenty of play time creating a flawless and natural look perfect for any occasion. You can hide everything from dark circles and blemishes to tattoos!

After using it for a few weeks, I must admit that I really like this product.  The coverage was great.  With this concealer a little goes a long way.  The dark spots on my face usually take a long time to cover up but I used less than a dime size to cover everything.  Believe me I usually go through concealers quickly but this one is going to last. I use it before foundation and it blends very well. It also comes with a concealer pencil that is suppose to be used to outline the problem area.  Honestly, I do not see the point of using it and actually I do not use it for that purpose.  I do use the pencil to line the outside of my lips to make the shade i am wearing stand out and ensure the color will stay in place.  The best part is that this only cost $6.00.

The one negative part of this product is that it only comes in 3 colors: light, medium, tan.  but I think you can make it work on your skin.
PhotobucketAnother item I have tried in Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer.  I have only been using this for one week.  Thus far, I really like it.  My make up has been staying in place and skin looks good.  I will continue to use it and add to this review if I notice anything else.  I really think it is a great buy for only $8.00.  There are 2 other face primers and I may purchase them to see the difference.  I do not have anything else to say about this product. 

I purchased these items with my own money and this is my true opinion. 


Hello everyone. Well this is my first entry of many to come (I hope).  My name is Charley and I am a gal from southern California.   I have a passion for beauty.  I adore make up and the process of creating that perfect look.  It is truly amazing to see the unique beauty in every person.  Some people love to wear bright colors and falsies everyday and others prefer to walk out of the house with nothing more than a chap stick.  Every person has their own style and their own beauty.  I hope that information on this blog can help everyone in the way that they need. 

This world of blogging is all new to me so I will talk about anything and everything about beauty and I am sure other topics.  Although, I myself wear make up daily, defining your beauty is not all about how to apply your make up.  There are so much more to beauty than creating it with make up.  Each and everyone of us must take that look into ourselves and determine what the word “Beauty means to me".  

I am sure everyone will learn a little more about me as I will reveal more and more in each post.  For now just know that I am a woman that has some knowledge and a thirst to learn more.  

With all of that said, I will bring this post to an end.  Everything that is stated on this blog is my true opinion and/or experience. 

Always true.Charley