Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hard Candy Cosmetics is make up brand that is sold exclusively at Walmart.  I do not know the exact history of this brand, but I have heard that this brand use to be sold at sephora, went bankrupt and now is at walmart.

After viewing a review on the Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer, I thought why not give it a try.  I have hyperpigmentation on my face, so I am always looking for something to even out my skin tone.  

The product description is the following:
A heavy duty, highly pigmented, multi-use concealer that delivers ultimate coverage. The formula blends seamlessly into skin with plenty of play time creating a flawless and natural look perfect for any occasion. You can hide everything from dark circles and blemishes to tattoos!

After using it for a few weeks, I must admit that I really like this product.  The coverage was great.  With this concealer a little goes a long way.  The dark spots on my face usually take a long time to cover up but I used less than a dime size to cover everything.  Believe me I usually go through concealers quickly but this one is going to last. I use it before foundation and it blends very well. It also comes with a concealer pencil that is suppose to be used to outline the problem area.  Honestly, I do not see the point of using it and actually I do not use it for that purpose.  I do use the pencil to line the outside of my lips to make the shade i am wearing stand out and ensure the color will stay in place.  The best part is that this only cost $6.00.

The one negative part of this product is that it only comes in 3 colors: light, medium, tan.  but I think you can make it work on your skin.
PhotobucketAnother item I have tried in Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer.  I have only been using this for one week.  Thus far, I really like it.  My make up has been staying in place and skin looks good.  I will continue to use it and add to this review if I notice anything else.  I really think it is a great buy for only $8.00.  There are 2 other face primers and I may purchase them to see the difference.  I do not have anything else to say about this product. 

I purchased these items with my own money and this is my true opinion. 

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