Monday, May 9, 2011


Monday is not my favorite day or the week, but it does mark a new week and if you want it can be a new start.

I am taking this Monday to make some changes for myself and for this blog.

I am going to continue reviewing items, but I would like to have a weekly theme.  Talk about issues that affect everyone and offer some tips on how to overcome and deal.

Later this week I will also be posting my first giveaway for a sigma brush... so look out for the post.


I like to make the best out of every situation (trust me that is not always easy), but lately I have been having a difficult time dealing with leaving things in the past and moving forward.  When I think about this concept it seems so easy and of course it makes sense.  

Forget about everything that has hurt you and just look towards your bright future.  It all seems so easy until a situation arises that allows all the past pains to flood your mind and heart.  

For everyone that is working towards a goal or goals, this is so important.  In order to truly move forward you cannot be weighted down by the past.

Amongst all of my goals, I would have to say being happy is the one that relates most to this topic.  I am not saying I am Debbie downer all day, every day, but I have my moments.  Naturally, I prefer to look on the lighter side of things and laughter is always a part of my day regardless of the moment.  I laugh when I am happy and I laugh when I just cannot believe the situation I am in (yes I am special, I was the kid that laughed whiling I was being yelled at, even though it meant I was in even more trouble).

Like I was saying, I have had some minor and no so minor bumps in the road.  As the years of passed, I have noticed that I smile and laugh less than I use to.  Sure there are moments of sadness that you cannot avoid, but it was more than that for me.  I have recently realized that I am holding too tightly to my pass pains. Instead of just dealing with the situation at hand, I add all the similar painful situations I have had in the past, of course it makes things worse and much harder to deal with.  I know that I want more happiness in my life, but recognize that I will not have this unless I let go.  


Please comment and I will go into letting go in the following post. 

Each and every day will continue to be a work in progress and this is what you must continue to accept.  There will be times that you feel that you have been pushed back 10 steps and struggle to take one step forward.  This is normal and what must happen in order for you to learn and build your strength.  Always have faith in yourself and love yourself more, for knowing that you refuse to give up.


  1. I look forward to following your journey and your themes. It's also nice to see you touch on personal growth. I think many of us can relate to your post... sure, I have things in my past that affect my present. Actually, blogging and all my other creative activities help me to be more in the present moment and I think this is a good thing.

    Good luck!

    This Good Life

  2. I find it so difficult to let the past stay in teh past. It got to a point where it took over my life.
    I think its really good how you are aiming to look ahead and I hoe the things you want to do you will achieve.

    Peg x