Thursday, September 29, 2011



Did you know your pillow case may be to blame for your recent breakouts?  Yes, this is true.  For many, simply changing your pillow case more often can reduce or eliminate your break outs.

A simple way to determine if this happening to you is to look at your break out.  Pay attention to what side of your face has more acne.  Usually, it will be the same side that you sleep on.


It is no myth that sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can cause acne, Using a dirty pillowcase can in fact cause acne because it can aggravate an acne condition and cause the skin to become inflamed and irritated.  Your face naturally secretes oils during the night and these oils are sticky.  If you are using a dirty pillowcase then you are allowing your face to collect extra bacteria and waste during the night which often results in further clogging of the pores and acne outbreaks.  It may sound dramatic, extreme or just plain foolish, but the truth of the matter is that using a dirty pillowcase is kind of like taking a dirty cloth and just wiping it all across your face for hours at a time.  People with really sensitive skin may also be more prone to the clogging of pores, as the littlest things can sometimes set acne off causing skin to become irritated or inflamed.

Bacteria from our eyes, nose, and mouth all cover our pillowcases at one point or another.  As you lay there totally unaware trying to count some Z’s your face is clogging up with toxins.  They seep into your skin and clog your pores, causing acne outbreaks and irritation to occur.


Change your pillow case.  It is simple enough but the real question is, How often?  It may be a little excessive for some to change it everyday.  I have to say in reality it depends on several factors.  Take into consideration your hair type, skin and how much you swear through the night.  If you hair is oily and you sweat quite a bit through the night, changing your pillow case everyday might be necessary. For some you may be able to change it every few days.  Purchasing several different pillow cases will ensure that you have no problems when it is time to change your case. 

Also make sure that you are washing your pillow in hot water every other week.

Please let me know if this tips helps you or any other tips to prevent or reduce acne.  


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  6. "Take into consideration (...) how much you swear through the night."

  7. As someone who has been fighting a losing/winning battle with acne for 15 years I have tried just about everything to try to get it under control. I know a lot of you get just as excited as I do when I learn of new ways to prevent breakouts so I wanted to share my tip. When I learned about the connection between pillows and acne. I started changing my pillowcase every few days, it helped but not enough. So then I started to cover my pillow case with a new towel every night, I usually use hand towels so it isn't so bulky. It helps absorb and trap dirt and oil so it doesnt get spread all over and end up all over your face. Good luck to everyone!